Triad Trading Formula 2 Stock Market Analysis

The world of stock trading has changes big time, no more is the expert prosperous now that technology and internet have given virtually anyone the ability to trade stocks on the open market. Five or so years ago this was not that case, since then the World Wide Web has exploded and software made to trade has been developed and perfected with ease of use in mind.

So let us analyze the evolution of stocks and the Internet. Going back ten years day trading penny stocks was hot and very easy to do via free websites set up that you could log in to. The responsibility of you setting up your own account and ethically trading was up to you. A colleague of mine was very successful at this until he got greedy and started taking risks he was not prepared for. Today is a bit different, instead of websites there are software programs that link directly into the global forex stock market where you play the game and roll the dice.

The market itself has changed in the past few years to accommodate the average Joe who wants to play with the big boys in the corporate school yard. Funny thing happened, the amateurs traders were crushing the experts and leaving them disheveled and sobbing into their alcoholic beverage by days end. How did this happen? It was the evolution of software, where some companies spend near a million dollars developing and debugging so as to be ready for the forex market. Made simple enough for the novice stock trader to grasp and yet has the same power as the professionals use on the Street. All this and being automated at the same time, however I still prefer the hybrid type so I maintain control, but that is just your truly.

There is no trickery or cahoots going on, just ease of use. Much like searching for an answer to almost anything online, it so easy now we take it for granted. Technology has caught up is all and much like high-definition video cameras you can purchase anywhere that are more powerful than those big TV cameras of 10 years ago. Or take the editing process, plug in your camera and open your editing program on your computer and start immediately. Years ago you have to develop and then cut the film, etc. That was a lot of work! Make sense now?

There are several places to obtain forex training and software, you do not need to go to Harvard or have a Masters degree to trade along side the pros. Do your research and find out what program best suits you as some have different levels of expertise. If your familiar with these programs you may have heard of the popular Triad Trading Formula, well an updated version will be available this month so check it out. Get your training and practice with the software then go out there and buy and sell, but play safe until you know what you are doing as practice still makes perfect.