Top 15 Market Planning Checklist for Marketing Success

Before you start a marketing campaign you need to analyze some important tips. These are vital to your marketing campaign to get maximum return on investment. What is the use of spending 1000’s of dollars on a marketing campaign that has no conversion. Follow the tips mentioned to have a successful marketing campaign up and running

  1. Do a market analysis for your product or the service you are providing. This is necessary to know which part of your services or which product among your array of products appeals to the different market segments
  2. Your marketing message must be short and simple. It must convey to the client immediately what product or solution you have for their problem.
  3. Prepare a pricing schedule. Make a list of the discounts you will be giving and target to which you should give those discounts. Such cases come when you have tie up with other partners in this campaign.
  4. Prepare a sales prediction.
  5. Decide the media you will be using to promote your product. It will do you little good to market a blog via television. It can create hype but the ROI won’t be the best. You can save at least 2/3rd of the money by choosing the medium as internet and get more targeted audience. So choose you medium wisely.
  6. Plan the sales promotions you are doing.
  7. Plan and implement a publicity campaign.
  8. If you have any additional products or services that complement your mainstream product make sure to include them as your add-ons or accessory list.
  9. If you are providing a product make sure that you provide clear cut instructions on how to use the product. Mention clearly about the warranty and after sales service.
  10. Check for your product liability insurance.
  11. Have you trademarked your product to avoid future complications once the product has taken off?
  12. Analyze the possibilities of your product distribution. Are you planning on direct sales or franchisee and so on?
  13. Make sure you make the packaging attractive so as to make it appealing to your target audience. Being attractive does not give you the right to go weird. If you sell a kids toothbrush you could have the present cartoon heroes as labels or figures.
  14. Do you have a brand ambassador? Try to get a person who appeals to the target audience. If you promote a fitness product then you might consider a fitness trainer or some body building competition winners like Mr. World to promote your product. You can even have a doctor by your side to ensure that your health related products are recommended by an authority.
  15. Make sure that all your employees are given specific set of tasks related to the marketing campaign and all of them are fully aware of their assigned roles. They must be prepared to face any questions that might come their way.