Team Building – 3 Key Areas of Employee Development

What are the three key areas to building and maintaining a High Performing Team!

1) Hire with Precision
2) Maximize Performance
3) Minimize Turnover

But of course the questions are how to do this. After over 40 Years of history and clients like Major League Baseball, National Basketball, National Hockey League, US Olympic teams, Oracle Corp., and well known coaching companies, The Winslow Research Institute can confidently say that they have the solution.

Hiring – In the process of hiring an employee and think if you had a detailed Personality profile assessment that evaluated 24 different areas of their Personal Attitudes, Mental Capabilities and Emotional Reactions, would you think that would be helpful? Now think if you had a profile that had proven to be a success in that particular position and you could overlay the applicants profile with the success profile, would that be helpful? Would you be able to hire accurately if the applicant was compared to over 2,000,000 other assessments? Would it be helpful to know that if the applicant was not congruent with their answers, answered to positively about themselves or did not read on a 10th grade level that the test would be invalid and you would not get a result? So every test you see would be a valid assessment! – You tell me would you be able to hire with Precision? I don’t think I have to answer that question for you.

Maximizing Performance – This is actually much easier then most employers think. How do you maximize performance of an employee? You assess their strengths and what positions they would have the greatest ability to succeed in based on their profile. You identify concern areas that would hold them back. When you do a personal assessment you can easily see what areas is cause for concern and coach the employee on those areas. A coach can quickly address areas of Personal Attitudes, then move to emotional reactions. Using Proper Coaching techniques you can see rapid results in areas of concern and thus maximize the employee’s performance in their position. A success map can be created based on the individual strength and weaknesses

Minimize Turnover – Again this is not as difficult as most believe when an employee is in a position that is suited to their personal attitudes, emotional reactions and mental capabilities they are much more satisfied in their position. A Satisfied employee is less likely to move to another company that does not take the same considerations into account. When you work with the employee and develop a success map for their career that is based on their individual personality the employee is aware that you have an interest in their success.

Winslow Research Institute has been working with companies for over 40 years to implement employee development programs that are individually developed. This personnel development once implemented has increase profitability from 35-60% and Minimize turnover up to 50%