Talent Management – Breath Life Into Your Business Management Plan!

Talent management is increasingly becoming a critical part of the corporate business management strategy for most organizations. it is a never-ending process, that manages the start point of a new employee to the end point when termination (of either party) occurs, namely attracting, developing, and retaining talent. An expanded definition of talent management is a more comprehensive approach of trying to build those competencies.

There are 4 anchor pillars which governs it, namely recruiting, performance management, learning management, and compensation management. Hence, it is the end-to-end process of planning, recruiting, developing, managing, and compensating employees throughout the organization. Still, this is however, an overtly simplistic and inward looking definition.

Talent Management strategies must begin with the end in perspective. It must blend into the broad perspective of your Strategic Business Plan, supported by the long term growth of your organization, human resource management as well as Business Succession Planning. In essence, it provides the right people to drive the organization and is the bloodline of its growth. It speaks of and breathes life into your organization.

It is managing the long term expectations of employees by immersing them into the corporate culture, designing and delivering programs and initiatives to support the personal and professional development of employees which blends into the overall growth paths of your business plan. It is not difficult to see soft-indoctrination of the corporate vision, mission and passion induced into this process, supported by top management.

Stay tuned for this series of articles on Talent Management, exploring the talent management gaps and how to’s in management talent for long term top organizational performance.