SWOT Analysis to Choose Toughened Glass Suppliers

Toughened glass is now a usual requirement to be installed in buildings. Many legislative bodies today require that toughened glass be used for windows and other glass features in the house. Thus, for tradespeople, the concern would be to locate toughened glass suppliers near them. It is important for tradespeople to choose the right supplier to ensure a nice profit margin and also the successful completion of a job. Therefore, some criteria should be drawn up in order to select the best supplier around. As with any other business plan the tradesperson should come up with a SWOT analysis to pick the top toughened glass suppliers available.

The first step is to analyze the strength of all the toughened glass suppliers available. Their strengths can be characterized as their production turnaround time, delivery cost, the size limitation that they have, the shape complexity that they can produce and also whether or not they have free delivery service. This is a good basis to outline the strengths of whoever’s available.

Next is to outline their apparent weaknesses. Their weakness could be characterize as possible delays in production, lack of portfolio projects, inability to produce complex shapes, limitations to small sizes and also delivery and payment time. Some of them have very slow turnaround time compared to others. To add to their disadvantage, they sometimes include expensive delivery costs. All this are weaknesses that would be causes for not choosing a particular company.

The next step in categorizing suppliers is to list down the opportunities that might arise by working together with them. Perhaps by joining forces with some toughened glass suppliers your client base would expand more. Perhaps, by being a loyal customer with certain toughened glass suppliers you would enjoy loyalty discounts and other beneficial perks.

Finally, you should also list down all the threats to your business by engaging with certain suppliers. Threats might include loss of clients because of the supplier’s bad reputation, bad reputation because of the low quality glass installed, loss of income because of the slow production rate by the supplier and other threats that might occur.

Once you have conducted a SWOT analysis on all of them, the next step is to rank them accordingly. Once the ranking has been established, you could begin to engage with the companies that are ranked top according to your SWOT analysis. This way, you make an informed decision when it comes to choosing the toughened glass suppliers to supply this material for you construction project. This way, your company has reduced risk and can enjoy various perks.