How Do You Break Into Business Management Jobs?

Business is a career path that many choose, but positions in this vast field range from sales to accounting to marketing. Entry-level careers range from human resources representatives to junior project managers, and while a bachelor’s degree is generally needed for all of these positions, more experience and education is needed for business management jobs. An MBA, in nearly all cases, is necessary, although more specific degrees, such as an MBA in Organizational Management, help with promotion.

Aside from education, what else is required to move above entry- and mid-level business jobs? Experience is just as important as education. A resume, for example, needs to show all past positions and what you achieved in each of these roles. For management, however, more than skills are necessary, and a candidate must be rounded: Not just a good worker, he or she needs to have excellent team leading abilities, organizational skills, and effective communication skills. While a solid worker may become a department head, an individual with a leadership personality is in a better position to direct the entire company.

How does one acquire these skills? Think back to several years ago when applying to colleges. Reputable, top-tier schools want to see more than high grades and test scores. You, as a candidate for their school, needed to prove you could multitask and lead through extracurricular activities. No matter if you were president of the chess club or editor of the high school newspaper, you had some leadership experience under your belt, and this made you stand out from the pool of other students.

Much like colleges wanting leaders instead of followers, companies like yours and others want to see these qualities from the start. From the moment you begin an entry-level position, show those ahead of you that you can direct projects and work with your team members in order to achieve results.

Aside from showing you’re a leader from the beginning, education, and experience, the pathway into most business management jobs is through networking. Many have the same skills and education as you, but how do you stand out? Developing relationships within your company and your career field assists with moving up to reach your goal.