Enjoy Higher Profit Margins With eBooks

Have you ever wondered what sort of profits you might make as an author? Well, with traditional printing, your percentage of profits may be a lot lower than what you probably would imagine. As a new author, you probably could not expect to make more than an average of six percent of the profits of your book… maybe not even that much. Considering that the average first run of a book is around 3,000 copies, and that most books written by new authors don’t even make it to a second printing, your share of the profits may be quite small. For example, on average, a book that sells for $20 is only generating around 75 cents of profit for the author.

However, as an author choosing to publish eBooks, you have a much better chance of keeping a higher percentage of your profits. If you choose to publish the eBooks yourself, you aren’t actually paying ANYTHING in publishing costs. Publishing your own eBooks is not nearly as hard as it may sound. All it takes is a computer and some software, plus a little know-how which is easily learned, to get the job done.

And, even if the thought of doing the entire publishing process yourself sounds either too daunting or too time-consuming for you, you still have the option of having somebody else do the actual publishing of your eBook… at a much lower cost… while keeping a larger percentage of the profits. Keeping in mind that publishing costs overall will be much lower than with traditional publishing, it’s not hard to understand why most eBook publishers are able to pay you a much higher percentage of the book’s royalties… usually between thirty to fifty percent…versus the six percent you’d be keeping with traditional publishing. These higher profit percentages are of course a great boon to all authors, but are especially welcome to the new and upcoming author.