Cash Notes and the Cash Flow Business Review

There are a few companies claiming to teach you how to make money from home with the cash flow notes or private note holder business. There is a bit of truth to all of them but more from some than others. Some of these companies and individuals are telling you that it is easy to make money with this business and that you can make money with just 3 easy steps. The truth of the matter is that like any other legitimate opportunity this business takes work and effort and is largely a numbers game. If you are able to stick it out and do the amount of marketing that is needed and if you can put up with “rejection” then you will see results.

Here is a bit of a review for some of these companies based on my own experience:

Know Notes by Eddie Speed
This is one of the best programs available with a leader who truly cares about your success and who is truly a respected leader in the industry. Eddie has been buying notes and creating notes for over 30 years and his business practices are full of integrity. Eddie seeks to teach those who are truly interested in making money in the cashflow industry how to do it right and how to make it work long term. He is one of the true pioneers of this industry. His program primarily discusses how to create a note that is marketable and then how to sell that note for cash. He teaches you how to work with for sale by owners and how to set things up properly from the start. He is a true teacher and Guru in the note industry and is a fantastic individual to align yourself with.

Cash Flow Institute -Leland von Syring
This is another program with a leader who has been around for quite some time. Leland has been teaching his students for many years how to work the Cashflow industry and presents a lot of valuable information. The material given in their courses and training will teach you techniques that if applied properly and consistently will bring you results in your business.

Winning in the Cashflow business by Russ Dalbey
This program is sold as an “easy as 123” type program that anyone can do in their spare time. While the steps mentioned are basically the major steps needed to work such a business the infomercial lacks a lot of data about what is really required. This is one of those that presents the best case scenario and leads you to believe that it is the average result. Far from it there are many steps in between each of those 1, 2 and 3 that are not clearly explained even in the advanced training. This course is mainly setup to get you hooked on a small package and then upsell you on bigger more expensive packages. The worst part about this type of program is that the person running the company does not have your best interest in mind. He is out to make the most for himself and does not really care whether you succeed or not.

That is not to say that you cannot make money if you apply what is taught in the material. You can make money with it but you have to be willing to do a whole lot more work than just three simple steps. After all, his material was just stolen from those who really know how to work the business. If you have this program and want to make money it is possible but you will have to read between the lines or find more details from somebody else in order to really make it effective.

Once again, the bottom line is that you must put forth a lot of effort and work diligently over time building up your business. You must embrace quality traditional marketing techniques to get the job done and then apply them over and over. If you put forth your best effort and if you find as much information as possible about what needs to be done you can really make this business work for you. The Cashflow industry is a good one to be involved in during tough financial times. When the banks won’t lend, private lending gets a boost. As long as we can keep the government out of it and stop them from controlling even our private investments we should be able to thrive for a long time in this industry.