Best Features of ProMotion Triathlon Wetsuit

ProMotion is one of the pioneers in the manufacturing of wetsuits for triathlon and has brought to market various types and designs of ProMotion triathlon wetsuit for both men and women. Their wetsuits are extensively regarded as one of the superior quality wetsuits and they enjoy the trust of a vast number of customers. All of their wetsuits have certain features that guarantee utmost flexibility and buoyancy to the swimmers. It should be noted that the ProMotion triathlon wetsuits are not obtainable in shops. However, there are some websites that provide discount codes on these ProMotion wetsuits,

There are mainly three types of ProMotion triathlon wetsuit are available in the market, Fluid Drive these wetsuits, Powder Glide Wetsuits, and After Burner these wetsuits. The Fluid Drive wetsuits are their base triathlon wetsuit and is manufactured using 2 mm, 3mm. and 5 mm neoprene. This model is designed to provide added flexibility and buoyancy to the swimmers. However, you should wear it very carefully as the exterior of the wetsuit can be easily gouged and scratched.

The Power Glide Promotion wetsuits also have the same features as the Fluid Drive wetsuits and the only exception is that the Power Glide wetsuits have a Glideskin coating on the exterior to improve the durability of the wetsuit, reduce drag during swimming, and to avoid tears by fingernails. The After Burner ProMotion wetsuits also have a Glideskin exterior. These are perfect for the swimmers who do not want too much buoyancy in the legs. While upper and lower body of this ProMotion triathlon wetsuit is made from 3 mm thick neoprene, the mid body is made up of 5 mm thickness neoprene.

All types of ProMotion triathlon wetsuit have certain significant features that make them more beneficial and preferable to the triathlon swimmers. These wetsuits have a lifetime warranty on their seams. The products made from smoothskin neoprene have six months warranty and the others are covered by one year warranty. ProMotion triathlon wetsuits, such as Power Glide Sleeveless, Power Glide Fullsleeve, After Burner Sleeveless, and After Burner Fullsleeve have an external Glideskin coating and are therefore will not be easily scratched or gouged. The upper body color enables the viewers to easily spot the swimmer.

The sleeveless ProMotion triathlon wetsuits have hyperbola-shaped leg openings for easy on and off. Likewise, the fullsleeve wetsuits are equipped with ankle zippers for quick wearing. These hyper stretchable wetsuits also have “raised treads” under the forearm, which improve traction during the catch part of a stroke.