Affiliate Website Marketing – What is Affiliate Website Marketing and How to Build it

How can I set up an affiliate web site? Let’s start with the simplest version. If you are new to the Internet and are interested in getting involved in Affiliate web site marketing, there are thousands of people and organizations that will gladly help you set up your Affiliate web site marketing, for a small fee.

There are even a few Affiliate Marketing Web site that don’t really require any sophistication at all on your part, and cost nothing. These might be the perfect idea for you, if you send out messages regularly to your friends, family, and business associates. The more often and the more people you send to, the better. The site that you affiliate with will gladly supply you with a small piece of code, (don’t get frightened, it looks just like anything else you might type, except that it contains some funny character combinations), and all you have to do is copy it into your normal mailing.

I would love to tell you that as soon as you do this, you will start receiving checks in the mail, but that would be a lie. By doing the above, you have directed your readers to the affiliate website with a special code which indicates that you sent them, when and if they arrive. If they go and if they buy, you can expect to reap your commission. Don’t be discouraged. Keep sending out mail. Keep inserting the little tag that directs your readers to your affiliated site. Did you ever accept any of the offers that you get with your bill from the electric company? Did they ever stop sending them? The reason that they keep sending them is that the response covers the cost of mailing, and more. In email, there is no cost of mailing.

If you want to build a website, the two best and most widely accepted, and moderately priced are the Microsoft FrontPage package which rumor holds will be discontinued soon; and DreamWeaver whick has just released a new version. If you are either bold or experienced in programming, you can build a website by writing HTML code yourself in a package such as Microsoft Word.