3 Reasons to Click on Google Ads

If you’re anything like me you tend to ignore all those “ads by Google.” Why? I don’t know. It just seems to me that when I’m online looking to make a purchase I’m looking for a deal. I mean, that’s why I’m online in the first place. I think I’m going to find a better deal online then I will in a brick and mortar store. And you know what? I’m right! I will find a better deal online then in a brick and mortar store. That’s just the way it is. But, what about those ads on just about every site or blog I get on? Should I be ignoring them? Should you? The answer… no! And here’s why.

1. They cost money to put there. OK, so that’s why I overlook them right? Wrong! The fact that they cost money means that the online store putting them there must be doing something right in order to afford them. Trust me when I tell you that charging higher prices to pay for Google ads ISN’T doing something right! A small start-up business can’t afford Google ads. If a company is using Google ads chances are they’re selling a lot of product and with all the competition online you don’t sell a lot of product unless you’re better then the competition.

2. Bargains. Bargains? That’s right, bargains. Because many of the Google ads are sponsored by larger online marketers there’s a good chance there might be a bargain going on for just the item you’re looking for. It’s like the “big-box” stores in your town. They’re so big they can afford to run sales continually on various items and sooner or later the item you’re looking for will be on sale. It just might be that the item you’re looking for will be on sale at one of those sites being promoted by a Google ad.

3. Zero risk. What do you have to lose by taking a look? You can even center click or right click and open the new page in a different tab so you don’t lose the page you were on. There’s just absolutely no risk involved. It’s not like you have to sign up for a newsletter or buy and try for 30 days risk free. Clicking on a Google ad just takes you to the site to look at what they’re offering. If you see something you like buy it. Chances are you’re already dealing with a reputable store. (See point 1 above.) If you don’t like what you see close it down and try another one. Who knows, you just might come across that perfect item you’re looking for at just the right price!